The group Caminantes grows: Starting the year, former Fe y Alegria students joined the team

On January 15 the Group Caminantes gathered to officially welcome new members, all of them former Fe y Alegria students: Denisse, Allison and Miguel; very welcome to the team!


Group Caminantes (Walkers)

We are very happy to continue to have more members in the team who would carry out our project and who are also very serious about responding the Lord’s call to service. We know that they will bring new ideas and freshness to the team, which will nourish this project to grow. For us it is very important that the team grows and renews itself as this will allow us to start new projects.


New members: Allison, Denisse and Miguel

“For me, being part of the group Caminantes makes me feel good because it is a team in which we all give our opinion and it is also amazing to be part of all the projects they carry out. Every year we are more people who belong to the team, thanks to that we can do better things such as: learn, have more experiences, grow as persons and in general, serve others. I am very happy to be part of this team because I feel comfortable and because I feel good helping others.” Denisse Rojas.

“I am very happy to finally be part of the group Caminantes, it was my desire to joing the group even before finishing secondary, it is my desire to serve others. I want to sincerely thank all the member for giving me this opportunity to be a member of the group, I want you to know that I will do my best to reach our goals.” Miguel Vargas.

“A fundamental and important decision by which I decided to join the group Caminantes was because my desire of service, since I joined the Pastoral team at school, I felt that God was closer to me, I think that God gives us the vocation of service to everyone, I am very happy with it and I will continue on that road because that is where I see happiness. ” Allison Díaz.