Alumni from Stella Maris were invited to participate in Edmund Rice Mission in Santa Elena, Argentina

More than 60 alumni from Colegio Stella Maris were invited to participate in Edmund Rice Mission in Santa Elena, Province of Entre Ríos – Argentina from January 27 to February 10, the Edmundo Rice Mission was organized by alumni from Colegio Cardenal Newman.

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Coloring the entrance to Santa Elena

More than 60 alumni from Colegio Stella Maris have been divided into two groups: the first from 27 January to 3 February and the second from 3 to 10 February. In Santa Elena there was a large group of 125 missionaries from the different schools of the Latin American Region who stayed in the parish school of Santa Rosa de Lima.

The missionaries had three different pastoral centers (San Agustín, Santa Rosa and the Equestrian Center). They also visited frequently the local parish where they carried out other activities.
During the Mission, the missionaries had the following schedule: After breakfast and prayer, during the morning, visits are made to the families of Santa Elena, listening to their concerns, learning from their experiences and sharing a moment of reflection in the light of faith.


Missionaries and children form Santa Elena

In the afternoon there are games with children, workshops with young people and the celebration of the Eucharist in each center of mission. Once in the School, the missionaries have dinner, prayer and reflection about the day of mission, which is a fundamental moment that nourishes and strengthens the rest of the activities.

The climate generated by the group of alumni from Stella Maris (Uruguay) together with those from Colegio Cardenal Newman (Buenos Aires), Fe y Alegria (Lima) and Mundo Mejor (Chimbote), was exceptional and greatly facilitates the evangelizing dynamics, the main objective of this mission.


Having fun!

Follows, two testimonies of former students who were invited to participate in the Mission:

The week in Santa Elena was a unique week. What we did there is very nice and very subtle at the same time. What we do there is we try to plant a seed, delivering a message of faith, love and hope, on how to choose life. The incredible thing is that we end up getting more that we went to give, as if there was a “boomerang effect.” I lived those days with joy and happiness, pure and simple, without ulterior motives. And that is the same for every adult. During the reflections at the end of the day I felt joy and admiration, that touched my soul. I have learnt a lot from all the life testimonies that I heard. I lived very special moments that I will keep near to my heart. Paulina Nicolich.

It was a week, one of those weeks that do not go unnoticed in one’s life, that’s how I experienced what I lived in Santa Elena. Full of joy, faith and energy; We had the opportunity to understand and to experience how important is the encounter with the other, sharing, listening, smiling. I learnt a lot from that week where I lived in a way so simple but at the same time so fully, feeling the presence and company of Jesus at all times. The experiences in Santa Elena gave me the strength to face the year in a different way, always remembering that we have to thank for our lives and for being children of God. María Belén Delafond.

Thank you all for your prayers and thank God for the fruits of these special days!

Stella Maris – Department of Pastoral