Spreading the Good News of Jesus to the people in Nuevo Horizonte; by Brother Chuck Fitzsimmons

As November began Father Fernando Asín, pastor of Jesús de Nazaret parish, was delighted to receive from Brother Sean Di Figlia a pamphlet teaching the basic concepts of the sacrament of baptism.


The container which serves as the classroom for third and fourth grades in the barrio Villa Salvador, Nuevo Horizonte

Seán worked on the pamphlet for several months with the intention of teaching parents and God-parents in a simple, clear and dignified manner.

Seán immediately launched into baptism talks for a number of families in the various chapels of the parish, and on November 19, four children presented themselves for baptism at the chapel Virgen de las Mercedes, where the Brothers live.


A little girl from Nuevo Horizonte, in her baptism

The next day four more young people received the sacrament in the main church, Jesús de Nazaret, followed by three more that same night in the other chapel of the parish, San José. It´s nice to see the parish growing.

For five Saturdays in October and November, thirteen university students studying early childhood education at the University of San Pedro offed workshops on child development in the chapel Virgen de las Mercedes.

foto1814_001 (Priime Bushwick).png

Primary school in Nuevo Horizonte

Each Saturday about twenty-five children were treated to an uplifting message delivered by puppets, to an art project, to games and a snack. The children came from several of the four local schools visited regularly by Brother Carlos Fitzsimmons.

Foto1797 (Priime Bushwick).png

Students, parents an teachers digging out the only bathroom available in the high school near the parish

Each of these schools is under construction.