Our Way Into The Future: How communities could live a much more authentic life; by Eddie McArdle

The Way into the Future should be much more authentic Hugh O’Neill said the group of Christian Brothers gathered in Lusaka in September a multicultural group from every corner of the congregation.


Brothers gathered in Lusaka

What are the obstacles? The purpose of the meeting was to identify them so that all members have a fuller life, he said.

A Jesuit, Jerry McGlone, author of several books on the subject and head of the psychology department at the Pontifical North American College in Rome, facilitated activities. Breathing exercises accompanied each lecture.

We are professionals in our ministry – how is it that we do not use the pastoral experience in our communities?

Through a test in emotional intelligence the group learned the need to create a culture of listening, of encounter between us as brothers in community. A lot of time was dedicated to exercises in listening.

Several videos were offered to observe the ways of relating such as Gran Turino, 28 Days, Inside Out, of Gods and Men, Invictus, Brooklyn, Up and Spotlight.