Stella Maris College participates in campaign ‘for you thanks to you’, organized by the Food Bank

Stella Maris College participated in the campaign ‘for you thanks to you’ organized by the Uruguayan Food Bank.

The students collected until the end of October non-perishable food to collaborate with the Food Bank foundation (flour, sugar, oil, cereals, rice and tomato sauce). Baskets were placed in the Primary and Secondary Hall for donations.

The delivery took place at Stella Maris College. In addition, students from the Woodlands School and Jesús María College participated as well.
All of them made the delivery of the food collected in the campaign to the Foundation Food Bank. The institutions benefited by the campaign were:

Quebracho Youth Center
Cottolengo Female Don Orione
Hogar La Campana (Peluffo Guiguens Foundation)
Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Incarnate Word
Society of Saint Jhon

We want to thank all those who collaborated!