The brotherhood – students and past pupils: The Lord of Miracles visited Colegio Mundo Mejor

We are proud to know that our students are part of the Brotherhood of Señor de los Milagros (Lord of Miracles), a Catholic christian devotion in Peru and considered the world’s largest regular Catholic religious manifestation.


The Brotherhood in Colegio Mundo Mejor

The service of participating in this activity is also a way of bringing hope and light for so many faithful parishioners who trust in Lord of Miracles. Students and graduates of Mundo Mejor College testify their experience of faith:

“Joining the Brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles was something very beautiful, Professor Edmundo Loli invited and encouraged me to join the brotherhood, I wanted to experience being part of the brotherhood of Lord of Miracles and I went to the procession, at first had much fear, in my mind I had many things. When I started to carry the image of Lord of Miracles with the group I remembered my grandfather had died, I felt bad but soon I felt relieved because he was suffering with great pain and he finally could rest in peace. My other granfather was also in poor health with tuberculosis and at the end he healed. I think that if you pray with all your faith God will fulfill what you ask from the heart. “ Jhon Castillo – 5th year secondary.



“When they took me for the first time, I helped the people, cleaned the temple and I witnessed the faith of many people to the image of the Lord of Miracles, until my teacher encouraged me and asked me if I wanted to be part of the brotherhood. Being a Catholic Christian is very nice, where we worship a living God, not an image, that I have very clear ” Robert Medina – 5th year secondary

“For me it was a new and very rewarding experience, because I have had the joy of feeling that wonderful thrill of God in my heart and contribute to popular fervor as is the output of the Lord of Miracles. I thank my professor Edmundo Loli for having guided and integrated me into the Brotherhood, where I have met extraordinary people. I hope to continue on this path and thank our father for guiding my steps and I hope to invite my friends to join this beautiful experience ” Felipe Lindo – 5th year secondary