Colegio Mundo Mejor celebrates its Golden Jubilee – 50 years planting values in students to create a ‘Better World’

50 years ago when the Christian Brothers came to Peru, they had the mission to continue the legacy of Blessed Edmund Rice and that’s how Mundo Mejor College (Better World) was the first step in this process.


Christian Brothers and staff in celebration

Monsignor Carlos Burke invited the Congregation of Christian Brothers from the Eastern Province of the United States to lead the “Better World” College, which since then has been done with great success by the brothers. Br John Johnson, Br Dominic Sanpietro, Br James Barry, were the first who worked in Mundo Mejor. Many names of the brothers have written the history of World Best and today with great joy In Mundo Mejor we celebrate 50 years.

We thank the God for the many people who have left their mark and have contributed to the education in Peru, brothers from North America, Peru and Ireland, where the first seed was planted by Edmund Rice. John Paul II referred to Edmund: “Who could measure all the good that has produced the spiritual wisdom, the tender heart and the particular faith of Blessed Edmund Rice?” Perhaps we cannot measured all of that, but we are eye witnesses that the seed continues growing.

In this part of celebration for our golden jubilee a mass tool place with the presence of Christian brothers who work today in the school, teachers, parents, students, alumni and the entire educational community was present for that very important celebration.

A parade there was at the end of the celebration, it was the proudest moment for those who have passed by Mundo Mejor’s classrooms and will continue making leaving their mark on our society, and families. The lady mayor of the city in a ceremony of honor referred to Mundo Mejor: “we could not ignore the 50 years of Colegio Mundo Mejor, in whose classrooms professionals, men and women were forged with great values for our society”.

Dr. Fernando Chu, principal of the school, thanked the work of the Christian Brothers and all those who make it possible to continue this mission to evangelize youth through education.