RUN Bolivia – Presentation of results of survey about child labor, education and violence

About two-thirds of the children surveyed by the group Religious at the United Nations (R.U.N – Bolivia) showed that child labor is an inherent reality because of lack of resources.


RUN Bolivia, at a press conference

Data from these results come from a survey conducted by RUN – Bolivia to 1376 children in rural and urban areas of Oruro and Cochabamba. The main topics of the survey focused on education, child labor and violence.

On 12 October, 4 members of RUN Bolivia (Nora from Fraciscans International, Maribel from FMSI, Jason from Marykoll and Eduardo McArdle from ERI) have spoken with local media reporting the results.

Surveyed children highlighted the need of being heard and respected in their schools: violence is unacceptable but they believe that child labor is a necessity becuse they don’t get support from the government.

The next step in this procress that RUN Bolivia is carrying out is to present a report about these findings to local authorities.

The survey was conducted during September, October and November 2015 to 31 centers and schools.

The main objective of this study was to raise awareness in the population about child labor and related issues that are facing the children.

The local newspaper Los Tiempos covered the story.