IV Seminar of religious brothers in Guatemala: “Being Brother – The biome of fraternity”

From September 30 to October 2, 2016 gathered in Guatemala City Religious Brothers arrived from various countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, they shared a few days of reflection and fraternal encounter with the motto “Being Brother: The biome of fraternity”.


Regligious brothers gathered in Guatemala City

The reflections were focused on the importance of the biome of the fraternity. Understanding the biome as natural space where life unfolds, where a living being needs the other to not break the natural balance that has given to us. That is, the importance of each Brother in every congregation, in our communities to responsibly as Brothers respond in faith to the ecological circumstances of which our communities have been directly and indirectly touched by the poor care that humans have had with the environment.

This meeting was focused on the following texts: The Encyclical Laudato Si’ of Pope Francis, The inspiring horizon from the Conference of Religious CLAR, and the Identity of the Religious Brother in Consecrated Life. These were personally experienced in a fraternal atmosphere at the meeting. The main purpose of the seminar was: “Discovering the Religious being Brother with vocation to grow and expand” the biome of brotherhood “from realities that favor growth of christians and each other and to the others, a perspective of autonomy and interdependence, in connection with all the realities and recognizing the sense of brotherhood in creation. At the meeting attended by two of our brothers: Br Miguel Córdova (Paraguay) and Br James Cregan (Bolivia).


Religious brothers

The event coordinator team was composed by religious brothers and sisters from different congregations.

Brothers who participated in the event worked very creatively six themes: Mission, spirituality, communion, consecration, formation and animation and under three dimensions: outcries, convictions and commitments.

During the three days there was an atmosphere of fraternal and mutual interaction where some actions were proposed around the following topics: the “theological place” of Consecrated Life confirming that human relationships of Consecrated Life are not only important, but necessary for life.

IV Seminar of Religious Brothers in Guatemala City: 30/09/2016

IV Seminar of Religious Brothers in Guatemala City: 02/10/2016